Club Rules & Regulations

Calgary Petroleum Curling Club "Open League" Eligibility & Rules


At least two (2) members of each team must be employed in the "Oil-patch"; that is employees, annuitants, or retirees of an "Upstream Industry Company."

"Upstream Industry Company" means Exploration, Production, Marketing, or Service & Supply. The Company or division of a company must derive the majority of its income from the Oil & Gas Industry.

Employees of Service Stations, Garages, Bulk Station Operators, or other Merchandising retailers are considered non-oil-patch.

Two (2) team members are allowed from Industries other than Upstream Oil & Gas Company’s (a non-oilman).

The non-oil-patch curlers can play any position.

Teams who register five (5-6) curlers must also abide by the eligibility rule of only two (2) non-oil-patch team members.

Spares can be utilized, but can play no higher than lead or second. The league will be maintaining a spare list that can be accessed via the league website at

It is the Skips responsibility to ensure the eligibility of the team players. If anyone is unsure of a player or company’s eligibility, contact one of the League’s Board of Directors and the Board Executive will rule on the circumstance.

If a team is found to be using ineligible players during the course of the season, the League executive shall deal with the situation. Resulting actions may be:

  • Asked to withdraw from the league in favour of an eligible team on the waiting list.
  • Allowed to complete the season but forfeit all rights to section or play-down winnings.


All games are to start at 4:45 pm sharp and are scheduled for 8 ends. Ties should be marked as such.

If a game is not started by 4:45 PM the non-offending team shall score 1 point after each 10 minutes the offending team is late, to a maximum of 30 minutes. During this time period the offending team shall forfeit the hammer. If after 30 minutes there is still no opposition, the game shall be defaulted and the non-offending team will record a win.

A buzzer will ring at approx. 6:25 PM, at which time the teams are to complete the end in progress plus one more. An end is considered complete as soon as the thirds agree on the number of points scored.

There is no provision for make up games. Games not played on their scheduled night will be considered a forfeit by the team who had to cancel or did not show.

Each team is responsible for marking their wins, losses & ties on the schedule provided. All games not marked, by the round completion, will be recorded as a tie.

If your team is unable to show for a scheduled game you are strongly encouraged to call your opposition, with as much advance notice as possible, to advise them of your situation. Contact information for all teams is on the website at